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What is a Facebook Advertising Agency & Why Do You Need One?

Facebook ads is the platform where advertiser are charged on clicks, impressions or actions. Facebook advertising has a rapid growth over the year and ranking more above Google ads and traditional advertising, because this social media platform where more and people come and share their information through text, images and videos.

Facebook is the most popular social media platform with around 2.80 billion monthly active users and the number of users is increasing day by day. It is a social network that allows its users to sign-up free accounts, connect with friends, colleagues, family or even strangers. People can share and upload pictures, videos, posts, personal opinions and articles with all the users where the audience can be decided with ease. People use Facebook to connect with friends and family and discover new products and services.

Facebook is the largest social media platform that can prove to be a great opportunity for brands to engage the audience, build awareness and reputation. Almost 80% of the internet users spend their great deal of time on Facebook daily, this means that your target audience is just a few steps away from being your customer.

People tend to buy what they find on their feeds, the advertisements can lead huge traffic to your brand’s website and boost sales in no time.

Building engaging ad content

The main benefit of Facebook advertising is its wider and exact reach. Facebook advertising is the most targeted form of advertising. We can target customers to their income, age, interest, location, behavior. Facebook is an ultimate platform for any business to showcase its services and acquire a huge audience in a very short period. Facebook advertising can prove to be highly beneficial to every business that sets its foot in it.

Pre-plan schedule

After crafting highly effective content, we find it very important to decide when and how often it should be published.

Progress tracking

It is very important to track the performance of the campaign from time to time.

Transparent reports

We send you transparent progress reports monthly so that you can track and record the outcomes and progress of your website.

Different type of facebook ads

Image Ads

These ads contain images that are responsible for spreading brand awareness. These are designed in a way that the users remember your brand even if they saw it once. These ads are found everywhere and are a great source to boost brand awareness and generate new leads.

Local awareness ads

These ads help businesses to reach customers in their local geographical area. This ad targets the audience according to their physical proximity to your store.

Video ads

These ads are the most powerful way to engage the audience. People are attracted to videos and GIFs instantly; this leads to a great platform to advertise your products with a short or detailed video.

Link click ads

These ads are the most commonly used by marketers. It allows us to place images, write ad content and add the external link of the landing page.

Carousel ads

These ads are beneficial to promote multiple products at once. You can showcase 10 products where each product leads to its page on the store.

Increase in website traffic

Responsive web pages work smoothly on all devices like desktops, mobiles, smartphones and tablets. This makes the website accessible to the majority of Internet users and leads to greater traffic rates.

Offer ads

These ads display the current appealing and attractive offers to the audience. These ads attract huge mass by displaying store coupon offers, discounts, free trials or gifts.

Offer ads

These ads display the current appealing and attractive offers to the audience. These ads attract huge mass by displaying store coupon offers, discounts, free trials or gifts.

Dynamic product ads

It is an advanced type of ad that targets the audience according to their previous actions. These ads are useful for remarketing; it delivers the right message at the right time to the right people if they have ever interacted with your website

Canvas ads

These ads are used to build landing pages with the brand logo, text and images of your products and services. These ads are highly flexible and versatile that enable you to implement vivid creative expressions.

Collection ads

These ads feature a set of products that your brand offers on the website. These ads are useful for eCommerce stores with a diverse range of products, these ads engage the audience with a similar type of products they looked earlier.

Slideshow ads

Facebook slide show ads are the type of facebook advertisement where video-like ads use a series of still images and effects that show motion, play sound, and display text to showcase your story. This is the best type of ad format to showcase your products and services.

Create a Facebook Fan Page – Take Your Business Social‎ !

Why Facebook Marketing & Advertising?

Facebook Marketing- A Complete Leader in Social Media Industry for SMEs, Small Business, Startups, Beginners, Individuals, Professionals and Corporates. Facebook is the largest social media network in the world, it has more than 1.8 billion active users, and more than 60% people login on Facebook to connect with friends & family and find out things that stuff every day.

Facebook has three marketing tools like – Facebook Fan Page, Ads and Groups and that a people can use any out of them depending on the choice or purpose. We are The Fastest Growing Facebook (Social Media) Marketing Agency in last few years by having Facebook Marketing Professional with a focus on the core concept of snowballing leaders, followers and engage maximum number of user with our eminence campaigns

Marketing on social media like Facebook is really going to help you to find new customers every time when you run the campaign and provide platform like Facebook Fan Page to build long enduring affiliation with customers. There is nothing like Facebook for branding your business or something that you want. The main thing with Facebook Marketing is that you can easily target you customer base with People-based measurement tool. Wasting money on covering the complete market to find out potential customers is become history as the Facebook Marketing came. It gives you the option to target those people only who can be your customers. You can target audience by location, demographics, and interests.

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