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Website maintenance is the procedure of keeping the website error-free and up to date. You could look at it as the process of checking sites to keep them updated, customer-friendly, and protected from harm. It can be updating content, adding images, adding links, updating software, and much more. If you own any kind of website (Business website, Ecommerce website, Blogging website) then you might be looking for professional Website Management Services in California for a website maintenance company. 

Today, an attractive Website has become the most important digital medium for displaying your products and services on the internet. Visitors come and explore your products and services. If they like it they can contact your team as well. That first impression can establish or break service value. So, once your website is up and running, it requires regular maintenance to make sure the website is working fine, updated, and protected from cyber-attacks. Reussite Technology is a reliable professional Website Maintenance Company in  India & California.

The 6 Pillars of Our Website Maintenance Program All you need to keep your website 100% Secure and updated

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Performance Checkup

Our intensive maintenance checklist ensures your website performs at the best. All the performance monitoring activities are scheduled trough our automated CRM system. Through our CRM System, you will get a detailed monthly report too.

Fixes and Enhancements

To make your website bug free, we do regular website health checkups and improvements. Our team takes care of any issue arises through third-party plugins or by the core itself. Your issue would be resolved at the highest priority.

Content and Backup

The advantage of our maintenance program is that you can add, edit and update content as and when needed. We take a full backup prior to any major update. If it is needed, the backup can be on-demand by the client.

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Functionality Check

We check whether all forms are working properly and whether inquiry mails are getting received. We also check for any broken link on the website and rectify it. Broken links are a bad sign for SEO, hence it helps to keep your SEO health score high.

Tech Support

Our technical support team will constantly update you via our auto ticket management system. Also, our support team connects through call or email as required. Trough all the medium, we ensure that the majority of tickets gets resolved in 24-48 hours.

Hack & Virus Proof

Our Security implementations prevent and protect from hacking, malware, and viruses. In any disgraced situation of hack or malware, our team takes it on most priority to resolve the issue. And we’ll keep in sync with you unless it is 100% hack free.

Why should you update website very often?

Handling your website responsibilities to professionals allows you to save your time, eases your work functionality, and keeps you updated.

Why do you need Website Maintenance Services?

Website Maintenance is important day-to-day routine maintenance because an online business or website presence will depend on how the website is maintained. Our experts will offer the Best Website Maintenance Services Company in India & California and abroad.

Benefits of the Website Maintenance Service 

Here mentioned the website Maintenance Service benefits, if you apply these benefits for website maintenance that will work for you and maintain your website safe for a long time.

  • Increase your website Presence 
  • Boost your sales 
  • Cost Savings 
  • Keep your Customers Updated
  • Maintain your website security 
  • Improved users experience 
  • Proper Monitoring and tracking.

What is included in the website maintenance package?

Check the list of the Website Maintenance Services 

Software Updates :  Most websites are developed by software applications and much of the technology changes almost every day on the internet. Such as your system and mobile operating system, need to keep up to date for better performance.

Security :  Website security is also important if your website is secure and maintaining the website security program can save you from malware and virus problems.

Remove the spam Comments : Remove all spam comments on the website. All spam comments have a bad effect on your website. For that delete all spam comments on a regular basis.

Adding/removing pages: Unmaintained websites have lots of issues and errors such as pages being outdated. A website page always requires proper attention to attract the audience by upgrading the services pages and many more.

Industries And Technology That Are Cover In Our Regular Maintenance Plans

The list is not limited!

eCommerce – We have our team of ace professionals working for many well-known e-Commerce websites.

Corporates – Our standard procedure and protocols ensure ease in maintaining corporate websites.

NGO, Social Organization Websites – Our Web Maintenance program also undertakes many NGOs, Social organizations, Community Websites, etc. with a special discount applied.

News Group & Blog Maintenance – Whether it’s a small blogger website or a big news portal, we do maintain any scale of news websites.

Websites of Schools, Colleges, Institutes – We are specialized in maintaining websites for institutes our many websites are hitting the top-notch of SERP.

Healthcare & Hospitality – We have extensive expertise in managing and maintaining Healthcare & Hospitality websites with ease and efficiency.

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